PIT-POP is a digital Pop Art brand founded by Antonella Tolve and Rino Schinco, that expresses itself above all through licensing between Asia and the USA. “We share feelings, ambitions and dreams that have led us to reinvent ourselves towards a path that starts with art to explore every possible creative expression. We are husband and wife, we are PIT-POP. PIT-POP is a digital Pop-Art project, a graphic sign characterized by minimalist shapes, neat black lines, bold colors, playfulness – classic elements belonging to Pop-Art – that today give life to our artwork.”

 “I often look at urban communication, I like the language of pictograms to outline the design,” says Antonella, “but the deepest meaning of my work is to describe the simple gestures of daily life. I’m the artist of this project, but I could not draw without my husband Rino, sales and co-founder of PIT-POP, without his criticisms and his severe selections that are valuable advice for my professional growth. PIT-POP blends minimalism and color, rationality and passion, technology and imagination to tell half of art and design our modernity.”



Visit Site: https://pitpop.it/