Dominique Vari

Creative explorer and Nature lover, Dominique Vari injects a breath of fresh, innovative and colorful air to the design industry. Her career began in the corporate domain, where she worked as senior creative for leading branding agencies such as Interbrand and Landor. This experience has helped to develop a unique perspective that she uses to craft her truly distinctive and on-trend designs.

From shapeshifting typography to geometric pastels, women illustrations, quirky patterns, minimal botanicals and ethereal dreamscapes, Dominique’s work is a riot of color and picture-perfect detail.

Dominique shares positivity through Modern and colorful Art. From illustrations, pattern design, photography, abstract art, and simple play on colors, she uses a ‘less is more’ approach to create distinctive art.

Her eclectic work reflects some of her life experiences and interests; women empowerment, mindfulness and well-being, getting closer to Nature, Minimal/Mid-Century modern styles. Matisse, Paul Klee, Adami and Nicky de St-Phalles are artists that remain strong influences to her.

No two pieces of Dominique’s work are ever the same, with a drive to continually experiment and explore creativity to its fullest. Yet every piece is unified by a single impulse: to create art that is distinctive, modern, joyful and just so.