Amylee Weeks

Amylee’s art is a reflection of her journey of faith. Through simple drawings she listens to her heart and creates what is speaking to her at that point in life’s journey. In her own words, Amylee describes her art process “As life ebbs and flows, my heart soaks it all in. There is a quietness of my heart that draws its strength from God. And it is in that quietness that I create.” It is her hope that the recording of her journey and her reflections will speak to another on their journey.
Amylee is an eclectic artist. She has elements of watercolor, acrylic and ink in her art. There are sketches, doodles and illustrations as well. Her love for creating art for everyday items was born when she lost someone very close to her when she was in her 20’s. Small parts of her heart healed each time she visited her local bookstore. It was then that she began the journey that led her here creating art with the goal of bringing a spark of hope and a hint of joy to all who come across it in their daily lives.